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If not, the evidence of drug or alcohol use will be thrown out. Because field sobriety tests are unscientific, unfair and misunderstood, you need competent and experienced legal representation to protect your rights and make sure the data used against you is accurate.

When a police officer asks you to “walk a line,” “touch your nose” or “stand on one leg,” he or she is looking for probable cause to arrest you for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You can politely refuse any of these unreasonable requests.

Field sobriety tests such as these, including breath analysis with portable equipment, are used to acquire evidence against you. They are often improperly administered, unfairly scored and given undue weight at trial.

Experienced criminal defense lawyer Sara Webster has represented hundreds of DUI defendants in Bucks County and Montgomery County criminal courts. By cross-examining an arresting police officer or presenting the well-documented limitations of field sobriety tests to a judge or jury, she will be defending your rights and freedom.