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An experienced, intuitive and well-prepared criminal defense attorney will impact which citizens are chosen for the jury and how they approach their responsibilities.

By relying on her well-honed ability to question prospective jurors and evaluate their answers, criminal defense attorney Sara Webster knows how to identify and eliminate unfavorable or biased jurors during the selection process.

After the jury is selected, she is careful to neutralize jurors’ frequently held initial impression that the defendant must be guilty since he or she was arrested by police who no doubt know more than the jury does.

Sara Webster employs her knowledge of the Bucks County criminal justice system, her trial experience and her awareness of how average jurors think to assist her efforts to develop an informed and objective jury. She works tirelessly to dispel the stigma of the charges against her client and to convince each juror to set aside his or her prejudices, keep an open mind during the hearing of all evidence and adhere to the law that says all those accused are presumed innocent.