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Being stopped for any motor vehicle violation can be frightening. Seeing the flashing red and blue lights of a patrol car in your rear-view mirror on your way home from dinner at a restaurant or a holiday party is particularly unnerving. As a flip side to the 7 things to do when stopped for DUI,” here are a half dozen circumstances that can make the consequences of your moving vehicle violation, including a DUI, much, much worse:

  • If you refuse a blood-alcohol test
  • If illegal drugs are involved, such as being under the influence of drugs, carrying them on your person or have them in your vehicle
  • If you’re under 21
  • If the incident involves an accident with injury
  • If you hold a professional driver’s license (CDL)
  • If a child is a passenger in the vehicle

When any of these are part of the circumstances when you are stopped, it is vitally important that you immediately hire the best criminal defense attorney, one who is experienced, respected and local, to make sure your rights are protected and you receive the representation you deserve. CALL Sara Webster: 215.348.7700.


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