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Did you know that you can influence the outcome of a traffic stop before you even get arrested or in front of a judge − simply by how you respond to the police officer? Remember these seven tips:

  1. Be polite.
  2. Have your license, registration and insurance card readily available.
  3. Road-side tests, including “touching your nose,” “walking a line” and a portable breath test, can give police evidence against you – you need not consent to them.
  4. Do consent to a test at the hospital or police station. To refuse will result in a license suspension.
  5. If you are questioned by police, you do not have to answer. Your answers can be used against you even if you were not formally warned (called Miranda warnings).
  6. You can refuse to consent to a search, although it may create hostility and suspicion if you do.
  7. Immediately hire the best criminal defense attorney, one who is experienced, respected and local, to make sure your rights are protected and you receive the representation you deserve. CALL Sara Webster: 215.348.7700.


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